Government Advice Regarding Hurricanes and Shutters

Although some people tape up there windows this is , in realty, a futile action. The link below gives advice as to how best prepare for a hurricane and other relevant advice. Rightly so, they suggest fitting storm shutters if you are in a hurricane prone zone BEFORE a hurricane arrives!

Anyway you can read the article below


Why Use Storm Shutters ?

Storm shutters are designed to protect the windows and doors on your home from damage during a hail storm, hurricane or other type of storm which could cause debris to damage the windows and doors on your home. Once a window or door has been broken during a hurricane this allows the force of a hurricane to enter your home, the effects can be devastating. This force is so great it can take the roof right of your home and cause other internal , as well as external damage.

During a hailstorm the shutters will prevent the hail from smashing windows and doors, which will not only be expensive to replace but with every insurance claim you make, you will find your insurance premiums getting higher and higher. This expense and ongoing increase can be avoided by fitting storm shutters,